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Modern aspects of study and protection of sturgeons in Ukraine

The modern state of wild sturgeon populations in the Ukrainian reservoirs can be assessed as extremely unfavorable. From the six native sturgeon species, two are apparently already lost (European sturgeon and Ship Sturgeon), the number of the remaining four (Russian sturgeon, Beluga sturgeon, Sterlet sturgeon and Stellate sturgeon) continues to decline rapidly. The size and age structure of populations is changing; under the anthropogenic pressure, a smaller number of sturgeon individuals can survive till sexual maturity.
The assignment of a high conservation status to all sturgeon species (all of them are included in the Red Book of Ukraine), the tightening of environmental legislation for damage to the environment, for poaching and trade of sturgeon products in general did not lead to any significant positive changes.
In this brochure, some modern aspects of the study and conservation of sturgeon in Ukraine are considered, which mainly affect the region of the North-Western part of the Black Sea and the Danube and Dniester rivers. Based on the limited time as well as material and technical capacity, the obtained results can be noted as preliminary.

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Modern aspects of study and protection of sturgeons in Ukraine

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