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How you can support Ukraine

To our foreign colleagues and supporters

The situation in Ukraine is very difficult. People of most of the cities are in bomb shelters and they pray for war to stop.

Here are ways how you can help us:

1. Post a message on social media with words of support using the hashtag #IStandWithUkraine.

2. Follow, read, and share media from reputable sources, and fact-check every news you see and hear. This war is not only happening here in Ukraine but online, too.

3. Here are three reliable and trustworthy news sources you can follow and share:
4. Reach out to politicians and insist they act immediately for peace in Ukraine and send help to the Ukrainian people.

5. Ukrainians all around the world are organizing protests – you can join them and help sound the alarm. Post pictures with #IStandWithUkraine.

6. Provide support and shelter for Ukrainian citizens who has to leave their homeland because of war.

7. Donate to trusted organizations:
  • Hospitallers
Meds work in the frontline.

Together possible 💙💛 Thank you for your support! 


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